Visionary Music Festival (VMF)
VMF logo
Genre Song contest
Created by Flag of Israel ESCIsrael
Presented by List of presenters
Country of origin List of countries
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3 contests
No. of episodes 6 shows
Location(s) List of host cities
Production company(s) Visionary Broadcasting Union (VBU)
Picture format 1080p (HDTV)
First shown in Flag of Israel Israel
Original run 18 September 2015 (2015-09-18) – 16 August 2017 (2017-08-16)

The Visionary Music Festival, often shortened to VMF, was a song contest held between the member states of the United Nations, with an exception for Taiwan.

Each participating country submits an original song, which will enter the competition, where each country votes for their favorite song. The country with the highest amount of points wins the competition and supposedly hosts the following edition.

During the second edition, it was announced that VMF would take a brief hiatus. Later, it was announced that this hiatus would be extended till further notice.


A contest was planned to be created by the host, ESCIsrael, for awhile. However, he couldn't find the right name for a few months. Finally, in August 2015, he thought of Visionary Song Contest. Other options included "Visionary Song Festival" and "Visionary Music Festival", which was eventually chosen as the name for the contest.


The format of the contest is based off the current Eurovision Song Contest, countries giving 12 points to their favorite song, then 10, 8 and all the way to 1 to their tenth favorite song.


The contest is based off the members of the 195 members of the United Nations. However, in the first edition, after the Taiwanese broadcaster TTV lobbied to enter the competition, it was decided that they'd be the first (and probably last) exception. This makes 196 countries eligible to enter the competition.

Edition Country making its debut entry
#2 Flag of Finland Finland, Flag of Slovakia Slovakia, Flag of Slovenia Slovenia, Flag of Ukraine Ukraine


The winning country from the previous country will always host the following contest, as a reward. For the first edition, the contests originating country hosted the contest.

Edition Host city Slogan
#1 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv "New Visions"
#2 Flag of Canada Vancouver "Powered Hearts"
#3 Flag of Canada Quebec None


Expansion of the contest

The first edition consisted of a show, which twenty-six countries participated in. However, it's predicted that by a couple of editions, semi-finals will take place to qualify for the Grand Final.

Visionary Music Festival 4

Following the third Visionary Music Festival, the contest was indefinitely closed. However, it was stated that a comeback would be possible, but not in the "near future." Nevertheless, it was later confirmed that the contest was permanently closed as no plans were made for a revival.


Edn. Country Artist Song Pts. Mar. Runner-up
Flag of Belgium Belgium Lost Frequencies ft. Janieck Devy "Reality" 125 8 Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Canada Canada Alessia Cara "Here" 138 33 Flag of United States United States
Flag of Austria Austria AVEC "Bones" 97 3